Tuesday, May 15, 2007

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Thursday, February 15, 2007

I-PAC keyboard Keys

Here some common codes to get you started. Exampe player one up is the "up arrow" on the keyboard, player 2 up is "r" on the keyboard. Let us know if this helps.

NORMAL CODES: COIN 1=5, COIN 2=6, START 1=1, START 2=2, R arrow=Tab, 1 LEFT=L arrow, 1 UP=U arrow, 1 DOWN=D arrow, 1 SW 1=L-ctrl, 1 SW 2=L-alt, 1 SW 3=space, 1 SW 4=L-shift, 1 SW 5=Z, 1 SW 6=X, 1 SW 7=C, 1 SW 8=V, 2 RIGHT=G, 2 LEFT=D, 2 UP=R, 2 DOWN=F, 2 SW 1=A, 2 SW 2=S, 2 SW 3=Q, 2 SW 4=W, 2 SW 5=I, 2 SW 6=K, 2 SW 7=J, 2 SW 8=L.

How to wire an I-PAC on any MAME machine.

Take a look at this graphic and you'll see how really easy it is. Wire all the ground wires from your buttons to the "ground" location on the i-pac. (Shown here in black wire). Then wire your other buttons direct to thier locations. Hope this helps. We get this question a lot.